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The Fairtrade Town program recognizes municipalities demonstrating strong commitment to Fairtrade from its community stakeholders, including local municipal authorities (such as a city council), businesses, community groups, and individual members. It has a long-term vision for awareness and support of Fairtrade, and has been designed to address the needs and opportunities available from different sized communities across Korea. Municipalities represent strong leadership and collaboration, where knowledge and resources can be shared to achieve the vision of a local population. Municipalities also represent significant buying power. They arrange food contracts for high volumes and long-term purchasing commitments. These commitments can raise large-scale demand for Fairtrade, unlocking further access within a community and providing more support for developing communities around the world.

Fairtrade Town: Quick Facts

  • Fairtrade Town members
    - The Fairtrade Town Program in Korea is part of a global movement that, as of March 2017, recognizes more than 1878 towns in 30 countries.
    - Garstang, a city in the United Kingdom, was the world’s first Fairtrade Town.
    - In Korea, Bucheon City is trying to become a Fairtrade Town.
  • How to get Started
    - Organizations that are interested in the Fairtrade Town program should contact Fairtrade Korea to schedule an appointment to discuss ways in which their organization can get involved in Fairtrade and receive the Fairtrade Town program certificate.

When the organization in question has met all the requirements for the Fairtrade Town program, they should fill out the online application form which is included in this section, or download printable version and email the form directly to or fax it to 82-2-725-0383.

Fairtrade Town: Benefits

  • Local and national recognition; once your town has achieved Fairtrade Status.
  • Your town will be awarded the Fairtrade Town plaque and given a Fairtrade Town certificate.
  • Be part of an internationally renowned system that advocates for more equality and sustainability for small-scale farmers and workers in developing countries.
  • Fairtrade Korea promotes Fairtrade Town: we not only place the logos of our Fairtrade Town on the walls of our office entrance, website and on social network services (SNS) such as Facebook, but we also feature Fairtrade Town articles in our monthly newsletter, which is distributed worldwide and sent to NGO’s, businesses, local government district offices, and individuals devoted to the Fairtrade cause.
  • Links with important countries worldwide and part of an international movement for a fairer world.
  • Enables residents to have a positive influence in the community
  • Enables residents to engage in activities in the community; contributes to making the world a fairer place
  • Offers residents volunteer opportunities, leadership-building opportunities, and a chance to get more involved in their communities
  • Residents can learn more about trade injustice issues, Fairtrade, and sustainability by participating in the Fairtrade Town Program
  • Provides an exciting and meaningful project for town councils. (ex: setting up a sisterhood relationship with Fairtrade Towns in foreign countries)

Working towards Designation: Becoming a Fairtrade Town

The Fairtrade Town designation is awarded to towns that meet all 6 requirements (Fairtrade Town in Korea follows the standard of Fairtrade Korea):

  1. The number of retail shops required, which sell Fairtrade products in a Fairtrade Town.
    - Towns/Cities:
    An additional retail shop is needed per 10,000 people if the population in your town exceeds 160,000 people. Furthermore, the number of restaurants should be more than half of the number of retail shops that sell Fairtrade products in the area. (Examples of retail shops: cafes, convenience stores, department stores)
    - Metropolitan Cities:
    Two thirds of the districts in your town should be certified or fulfill the requirement above.
  2. Your city/town council is required to support Fairtrade and pass a resolution that agrees to the use Fairtrade products.
  3. Fairtrade products should be available in your town shops, cafes, and restaurants.
    - Districts that meet the Fairtrade standard are required to expand the number of stores and products.
    - Districts that were not able to meet the standard should focus on securing stores to meet the criteria.
  4. A variety of organizations are encouraged to use Fairtrade products. (Ex: faith groups, schools, and any workplaces)
  5. Media promotion and public support
    - The participating town is encouraged to run a campaign with promotion channels, the press, retail shops, and distribution companies. The town is encouraged to set and fulfill a goal.
  6. The participating town/city is encouraged to maintain the status of a Fairtrade Town by composing a Fairtrade Town steering committee.
    - The participating town/city is required to organize a Fairtrade Town steering committee. (Please refer to the annexed paper on the last page.)
    - A variety of persons concerned in the community are required to join the Fairtrade Town steering committee.

Fairtrade Town Resources

For more information on the Fairtrade Town Program, please visit

Fairtrade Town Application Form

Application Form PDF Download →